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AGBU Europe Congratulates Bundestag for Historic Vote to Commemorate the Armenian Genocide

2 June 2016

The Armenian General Benevolent Union Europe congratulates the German Bundestag on for today’s vote, in which it adopted a resolution dedicated to the “memory and commemoration of the genocide of the Armenians and of other Christian minorities”. In the text of the resolution, the German Parliament also “laments the acts of the Young Turk government of the time, which led to the almost total annihilation of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire”.


“The vote in the German Parliament is uniquely significant”, said Nadia Gortzounian, President of AGBU Europe. “Germany has questionned its own history as few other countries have done. Its society and establishment understand the lasting impact of past crimes if they are not exposed and remembered.” In addition to commemorating the Armenian genocide, the Bundestag’s resolution also condemns Germany’s own involvement in the event, as Turkey’s main ally during World War I.

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